About Us

The Icelandic Society for Public Administration (ISPA) was established in 2006 as a platform for those interested in the field of public administration. It aims to give people the opportunities to keep abreast of developments in the field of public administration and discuss these with each other. The ISPA consist of individuals that have earned a Master degree in Public Administration.

The ISPA is a professional association that:

  • Promotes professional and efficient public administration in Iceland.
  • Promotes continuing education and training for its members.
  • Introduces public administration studies and strengthens the image of public administration education in Iceland.
  • Promotes innovative solutions to the challenges of governance.
  • Provides networking and professional development opportunities to those committed to public service values.

For further information about what we do and how we could work together, please contact Rosa Bergtorsdottir, email:  rosa.gudrun@vel.is or stjorn@stjornsysla.is.